Family Business Are Getting Their Music Out To The Masses

With a trailblazing style and epic stage presence, Family Business’ music is standing out amongst others. The quality of the music and dedication put forth by this industrious duo is making a mark and impact on music culture. Soon enough, Family Business’ music will be heard nationwide and internationally. Major moves are being made by these amazing talents.

This rap group is based in Indianapolis, IN and both members, Mcfly and King, have known each other since they were little and have the same passion for music. King goes on to say, “We’re trying to come up, make it out, and make life better for our families and the bros who live the high life you know.” Family Business’s music is a mix of feel good and reality. They try to make music that covers many flavors like tracks for females, club bangers, and some realness.

Currently Family Business is working on completing a quality album that sounds good. The goal is to push the album and sprinkle in some performances here and there to continue to get their music out to the masses and gain a following. Mcfly adds in, “We do have another project in the works that you can expect to have more tracks and even better music.”


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