Ether Minded People, Ushering In The New Era Of Hip Hop


Coming down to Southern California straight from the city of Oceanside, CA comes the Ether Minded People (EMP). This group was brought together in the year of 2012 and is formed of three individual artists (Ether P, Raheem Jaleel & So Nice) which all have a different variety of style, but when put together these guys do bring a unified sound that brings attention to the ears. EMP brings the message of spreading consciousness through energy and higher vibrations. The result is a super-raw underground sound with a modern feel that really defines what the new age of Hip Hop is bringing to the table.

During 2015 EMP has started to step out on the stage and are currently performing at local venues. With the group being so new and doing everything on their own, they’ve put out a number of visuals along with a mixtape that was released in the beginning of 2014. Expect more from EMP as they are in the works of putting out individual demos while looking to expand their fan base. Raheem Jaleel and Ether P are the producers of the group as they both bring a completely different sound when it comes to their instrumentals.

The diversity that you hear from EMP will indeed be bringing songs over to your personal playlists. The use of their own slang and play-on-words is definitely something worth taking a listen to. The new era of Hip Hop has been bringing plenty of creativity and meaning to the game and EMP is one crew that really does have something to showcase. As their journey to the industry is moving forward, this group is one that you want to keep an eye out for.

Ether P: @ether.p
Raheem: @raheem_emp
So Nice: @sonice_emp


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