EphentheGreat, Keeping It Fresh


“I don’t want to become famous. I just wanna pay my bills with what I like to do and at the same time give the music world tracks that have meaning.”

Born in Jackson, MS this producer’s story can only be told best by himself. Growing up he would make beats for friends and later various artist. Holding on to his favorite hobby through ups and downs have made his production style even more unique. The name Ephen Stephen originated from the hit Disney show “Even Stevens” starring Shia LeBouf also siblings taunting him. For a short time period he deemed himself “Evil Stephen” the horror beat maker until Ephen Stephen emerged ready to party, get wild, have fun and let it all hang out. Growing older meant gaining knowledge as well.

Now going by EphentheGreat, EphentheGreat’s style comes from storytelling through beats as well as songs. Envisioning a song has never been easier for any vocalist who uses a track. EphentheGreat’s sounds tend to come full circle. He uses the usual, opposed to going big, giving him a new and creative way to express words through music. Another distinct characteristic is he uses motivation from many other artists, producers, songwriters, and keeps at it. As most people do, EphentheGreat loves to smoke marijuana on a daily basis and started in his teens.

He went on to produce songs but lost most of his projects in various studios. Trials and tribulations along with a better lifestyle made EphentheGreat move to Phoenix, AZ where he resides now. So no matter what you call him, Evil Stephen, Ephen Stephen or EphentheGreat, this guy can play loud as he wants through the speakers. The “Pothead of the Year” album drops in 2015!

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