Elias Has Three Projects Coming Up

With a trailblazing style and epic stage presence, Elias’ music is standing out amongst others. The quality of the music and dedication put forth by this industrious artist is making a mark and impact on music culture. Soon enough, Elias’ music will be heard nationwide and internationally. Major moves are being made by this amazing talent.

“I use to go by Laidbach, now I plan to release this year three new projects under my new moniker Elias. The majority of the music which will be release is going to be done this year starting with a mixtape, then an EP, and finally an album. They will show the death of a rapper becoming an artist with Laidbach playing the role of the rapper and Elias as the artist,” the Baltimore artist explains. Over the course of seven years starting in 2007, under his old name, he dropped 4 mixtapes.

Now with a newly found persona, Elias is ready to introduce the world to his new work. The EP titled Book of Elias is a rap/audio book, and each song comes a story that plays until the end of the EP. “My album will be the 3rd chapter of Elias and where he plans to go moving forward. The album is set to be like a movie and I want to shoot a documentary to go along with it visually.” His goal is to have a TV show, book, and movie all showing the transformation from Laidbach to Elias.

Official website: www.facebook.com/EliasGME
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/laidbach

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