El Fuego de la Vida, The Art Of Fire


El Fuego de la Vida began in Laguna Beach drum circles and soon found themselves working at the Dana Point Festival of Whales, with non-profit historical societies like Casa Romantica, at the OC Market Place, and they even were on the KTLA Morning Show. They’ve performed everything from Burning Man to backyard BBQs. Their performances are based in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.

The girl fire troupe currently lives in LA with the aspiration to appear on America’s Got Talent. Their goal is to show the beauty of the element through the art of fire performance. Whether it’s making fire videos or if it’s a life performance, they want the audience to enjoy the show without being afraid of fire. Safety first.

Official website: www.elfuegodelavida.wordpress.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/elfuegodancing
Instagram: www.instagram.com/elfuegodelavida
Facebook: www.facebook.com/0o0elfuegodelavida0o0
Hashtags: #dalefuego #fuegogirls #delavida


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