EJ$ Da Undadog, Finesse Worth Entertainment


For EJ$ Da Undadog progression is the first and foremost step on a ladder from the bottom to the top. “Fresh Off Parole the Finesse Tape” comes from a real place in the artist’s mind, heart, body, spirit, and world. It’s about the story of a young black male who’s trying to better himself and his future by embracing himself, his talent, everything he’s been through and going through to inspire those who relate to his struggles.

Born and raised in Fort Worth Texas, and branded with finesse, EJ$’ music comes from life experiences with topics ranging from crime, doing time, fatherhood, maturity, providing, struggling, grinding, pain, relationships, and most of all self-perseverance. “Fresh Off Parole the Finesse Tape” will be released summer 2015 and is the first project on EJ$’ independent label Finesse Worth Entertainment.

Official website: www.facebook.com/FinesseWorthEntertainment?fref=photo
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/finessetexas


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