EHVINCHI Has An Unparalleled Work Ethic

EHVINCHI’s becoming a mainstay is the in the professional recording industry. With sheer focus on his craft, this Arizona based artist’s grind is making an impact with a progressive style unlike no other. He’s is only expected to deliver impressive work from here on out. EHVINCHI’s making all the right decisions and people are listening and watching.

“I am an entertainer, singer, rapper, and songwriter from Rochester, NY who currently resides in Chandler. I’m here to be the best, simply put. My music can reach all types of demographics. I’m focused and my work ethic is unparalleled to anyone in the industry. I dream of performing in front of the biggest crowds on the biggest stages. I paint vivid pictures with my words which is why I say ‘Watch Me Paint,’” EHVINCHI remarks. With a high creative drive, his music will elevate the hip hop culture, and with the backing of God, his fans, his wife, and his family, anything is possible

EHVINCHI’s currently working on a mixtape and is going to be getting started on a few original tracks. “My goal is to make my mark and land a major deal either to a label or as an independent artist,” he adds in.

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