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E-LUX is a Georgia based, independent hip hop recording artist/producer with a passion for music. Originally from Spanish Harlem, New York, E-LUX  has had an acute ear for music of all genres. He has always loved and has been a part of the hip hop culture, being influenced by artists such as, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Jay Z, Busta Rhymes, Eminem, Scarface, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, and Dr. Dre. A former member of  hip-hop group “The Quiet Mob”, E-LUX is now an entrepreneur, founding music production company Quiet Mob Productions, an acronym meaning “Quietly Uniting in Every Way to Move on Brothers”. He has been honing his craft and developing new sounds for his debut solo album Fallen Soldier that will be released this year. While producing and releasing his own album, he is also producing artist P.H.A.R.O.A.H.E on his label, and has released the first single “Other Wordly” from the upcoming album “Child of the Moon”.

It’s obvious E-LUX does not cater to the trends of hip hop music. He  is always experimenting with new rhyme styles and production techniques to separate himself from the ever changing music of hip hop, designing his music to consist of hard hitting beats to keep your head moving non-stop at a time when the artistry and craft of writing is at a low. E-LUX is sure to cross that bridge of old and new, blending the style for a new generation as he captures the essence of hip hop. He focuses on songs that are well written and well versed, with a meaning that a listener will be able to hear within the music and rhymes as they are delivered in every song he delivers to his audience. E-LUX is sure to rise to the top of the game whether it will be underground or mainstream, capturing you as a listener.

You can find more information about E-LUX on his website www.quietmob.com, and on Soundcloud at soundcloud.com/quietmob.

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