DYZ , Mouth Full of Honey


Hailing from Plymouth, MA, DYZ is not your typical-looking rapper. With a height of 5’9”, head of cropped blonde hair, and sharp features, DYZ is more often pegged for a model than a hip-hop artist. While she has tried her hand at modeling, acting, and comedy, her true passion has always been music. DYZ grew up devouring hip-hop music having freestyle battles with her older brother in junior-high and forming her first rap group in the sixth grade. Stylistically, she attributes her biggest influences primarily to Eminem, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Atmosphere, and Wu-Tang Clan.

With a quick mind and an even quicker tongue, DYZ unapologetically spits whatever is on her mind. She likes to think of her music as “organized chaos” or a way to positively express all the struggles she has gone through. She describes herself as “shameless and playful.” DYZ will always tell you her music is tongue-in-cheek and is meant to have a sense of humor. She will also always be quick to tell you that she “spits fire.”

Her upcoming mixtape, “Mouth Full of Honey,” truly shows her musical diversity. From a spoken-word piece, to club bangers like “Tempt Me With a Good Time,” to a more emotional song titled “Adieu,” DYZ brings something to the table for everyone to enjoy.

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