Dru Blast, A Hip-Hop Pioneer

Dru Blast

MacArthur Andrew Harris better known by his stage name Dru Blast is the latest lyricist to emerge from the very talented Hip-Hop Scene in Charlotte, NC. His eclectic style of Hip-Hop includes influences from Reggae and R&B. Showcased in the Who’s Got That Vibe showcase, hosted by Da Brat, Dru Blast placed second and impressed the crowd with his scintillating lyrics and unique but melodic flow. His energy and interaction with the crowd was almost hypnotic winning him an extensive fan base of true Hip-Hop lovers. Dru Blast has released 5 projects to date including his most recent release entitled “Cancer” dedicated to the loss of his grandmother and father to the disease. Throughout the years of these releases Dru Blast has spent the most of his time on stage. He has exceptionally delivered performance after performance to more than 50,000 people.

Dru Blast was born in Miami, Florida on July 21st 1989. He’s the son of MacArthur Harris, a former radio personality and owner of radio station MIXX 96 located in Miami, Florida. His parents are both of West Indian descent. With a Haitian father and Jamaican mother it is no surprise his music is refreshing and has a little island spice. His father passed away from leukemia when he was seven and he and his mother later moved to Charlotte, NC where he acquired most of his formal education. After graduating from high school in 2007 he went to School of Communication and Arts for Digital Audio Production. In 2009 he graduated with a degree and later that summer founded A.P.E. Head Entertainment forming a rap duo with Jafar Harbin named ApeHead.

The group released a CD in the fall of 2009 entitled “Always Pursue Excellence” under Mirascope Entertainment. Dru Blast decided to pursue a solo career and disbanded the group in January of 2010. During this time he added Blast to his name and decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia. Now back in Charlotte, NC, Dru Blast aims to firmly plant his name in the music industry by becoming the first Hip-Hop artist to be a featured performer at the Evening Muse Find Your Muse Open Mic. His music brings the fun and excitement of old school Hip-Hop but with a contemporary spin. If you are not already a fan of Dru Blast you can check out his fan page on Facebook, listen to his music and decide for yourself. Dru Blast is the pioneer of a new category in Hip-Hop.

Official website: www.apeheadentertainment.com
Bandcamp: www.drublast.bandcamp.com

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