Drew Clarke Jr., TrillStarrMafia


As one of the producers/singers/songwriters of TrillStarrMafia, AKdaRockStarr is the proverbial Mr. Hyde to Drew Clarke Jr’s Dr. Jekyll. Drew plays a huge role in the company’s music production, recording, and overall song writing. Producer, writer, singer, rapper, engineer, and mastermind behind the boards, his musical prowess began from the time he could dance as a child, play guitar in his adolescence, master the drums in his teens, and eventually making beats with his Korg EMX-1.

Inspired by Three-Six Mafia, Drew created what would be his first of a history of evolving styles of instrumentals used for hip hop, rock, and even dance. After studying theory and ear training, the evolution began. For nearly a decade, Drew has written over 500 instrumentals ranging from all categories using Propellerhead Reason. His familiarity with the program has him writing hit beats in less than 20 minutes.

A serious musician by day, a party animal at night, with his partner and brother Gerard, they write what they know and being from the Rio Grande Valley, veils will be lifted, bottles will be popped, and ladies will dance.

Official website: www.akdarockstarr.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/akdarockstarr


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