DreMatic, Not Settling For Anything Less


Born on October 10, 1987 to a father who didn’t support his music and to a mother who fully backed her son’s ambition, Andre Lamont Campbell, DreMatic, is now 27 who’s vocals deep in the genres of Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B as a recording producer, songwriter, and rapper. Finding his interest in music during high school in Detroit, Michigan it was his uncle who introduced him to Fruity Loops 3 that enabled him to start producing beats in 2004. It wasn’t until 2011 that he started rapping, writing, singing, recording, and mixing.

Crediting famed producer Timbaland as an influence, DreMaticwants be the umbrella for a stellar roster of artists. Additional influence comes from his favorite rapper Nas and favorite singer The Dream. He’s also taken a liking to movie scores and video game music making the soundtrack to Tomb Raider 1 the best from his perspective. DreMatichas found music to be his muse regardless if it’s coming from video games or mainstream hits or even what’s not the norm.

DreMaticrecords on Protools LE 8 using an AKG Percpetion 420 microphone. His current and past clients include Robert “Grizzle” Grayson, DeAngelo “Martel” Benson, Dwayne “Nuke” Maxwell, and youngster KayVosci’a. Now residing in Houston, Texas, he’s continuing to develop his dream supported by his “Bonnie,” Kayotic, who has taught him to find his worth and never settle for anything less.

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