Dreams Will Be Taking A Step Up In 2017

With lyricism and rhythm, Dreams’ making an impact­ in today’s music and entertainment world. The dedication’s no less than the best and putting in the effort to make it to the majors won’t be a surprise in this case. Don’t forget that when you hear Dreams on the airwaves nationally or even internationally that we predicted the success.

“Introducing myself I wouldn’t even know where to start at. I have so many ideas it’s ridiculous. It’s like when I get started my mind moves a million miles a second. I’m tryna be that it factor. I just wanna shot,” the Ft. Worth, TX emcee explains. Dreams has gotten the chance to work with Yung LA and experienced how the crowd was different.

Upcoming for Dreams will be the official release of iWish. 2016 was a progressive year for him and 2017 will be a step up.

Official website: www.reverbnation.com/Dreams

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