Dre High Express His Talent Through Music

Dre High’s becoming known in the professional recording and music industry. With sheer focus on his craft, the grinding artist is making an impact with a progressive style unlike no other. The music artist and upcoming entrepreneur is only expected to deliver impressive work from here on out. Dre High’s making all the right decisions and people are listening and watching.

The upcoming artist from the north side of Long Beach, CA is just trying to make it out and get the life he’s dreamed of since he was a youngster. “Growing up with the homies we had 2 rap groups called Yungstarz and then it was Long Beach Boyz where we thought we had a chance in making it big but false hopes were given and after that there wasn’t really too much,” Dre High reveals. Not being deterred by the negativity of the experience, he continued to write and express his talent through music.

Dre High is looking forward performing at a Coast 2 Coast competition on February 12, 2017 where the 1st place prize will be a record deal and $25,000. He’s putting all his efforts into focusing and prepping for this event do that he can be the best version of himself. “My goals are to keep doing what I’m doing, stay pacing and never stop. Forever and always lion hearted,” he adds in.

Official website: www.facebook.com/deandre.foster.5

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