Drake Whips Out LINT-ROLLER At NBA Game

So not only is Drake the type of dude that a girl would call soft, he’s also the type to….break out a lint-roller while sitting courtside at the Raptors game?

Social media has exploded since Tuesday (April 22) night, when fans spotted him courtside at Game 2 of the NBA playoffs game between the Toronto Raptors and the Brooklyn Nets. During the first quarter, cameras caught the rapper whipping out a lint roller and going over his pants right in the middle of the game.

Boston Herald editor Mark Perigard took a shot at the artist, tweeting: “Someone needs to remind Drake that the surest way to lose your street cred is to whip out your lint roller.”

And by far the best Tweet of the night; writer Mike Hines, offered some advice, derived from Drake’s lyrics, “Drake’s lint roller strategy: Start from the bottom.”

Drake however, brushed off the jokes, posting a courtside shot of himself with the caption: “Lint Rollers on deck”

So much for street cred bro…

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