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Donell Vic Mahan, DonVic, born and raised in South Chicago, discovered his love for hip-hop at 13 when he and his friends started a group called Platinum G’s. Being from the suburbs, with little resources to record with, they created their music by rapping over human beat boxing on his little sister’s karaoke machine. Along with childhood friend LoKee, a second group was formed in 2004 that put out song after song of hits. This became a hobby and love for both as they performed around Chicago creating fans at every venue. While young, DonVic’s taste came from listening to his mother play her favorites from the 90’s. Those influences included Busta Rhymes, Q-tip, T.I., 2pac, Ja Rule, Kanye West, and contemporary singers like Case and Usher.

In mid-2014, DonVic teamed with Infinite Music Source to bring his style and music to the next level. With the experience behind the company, and the talent behind the artist and producer, they are bringing a masterpiece of lyrics, melody, and beats to the airwaves. While DonVic’s rap style reflects the lyrical and melodic flow of the 90’s, his energy and enthusiasm mirrors the artists we hear today. Pairing the Infinite Music Source production of 90’s and new millennium with DonVic’s style, hip-hop is being slapped back on to the mainstream table.

DonVic’s potential is being shared with the world. His style has been described as clever, witty, and energetic. He adapts his style to each beat for a new experience with each song. He introduces catchy melodies in his singing and lyrics that bring a unique musical pallet for the ears. Listen for yourself as you discover this hip-hop genius whose style has been polished over 13 years to bring the gem you hear today.

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