DK, Feeding the Soul of the City


“It all started on the East Coast” has become a statement that is synonymous with Hip Hop roots and history. Newfoundland, Canada native Darrell Kelloway, DK, is a producer and musician whose affair with Hip Hop led him to flirt with many other music genres leading to the production of Soul and Alternative Rock music. His claim to notoriety came in 2009 when website took notice of a Michael Jackson sampled beat DK create that was featured on the site’s Beat It: A Musical Tribute to Michael Jackson album. Shortly after that he won the BeatTips Beat Battle in 2010 to raise his profile higher.

Two years after building his brand’s awareness, DK released his well-received beat tape titled Feeding the Soul of the City. He’s gone on to work with many local artists and has been featured on projects from artists overseas. In October 2015 he released the Oxygen EP featuring Brooklyn rapper MC Justo What is making him stand out and be in demand is his renowned recipe for funkiness, soulfulness, vinyl sampled drums, analog synthesizing, heavy basslines, and 70s Hammond organs.

DK’s influences are a smoothie of Sly and Family Stone, Al Green, Billy Joel, Marvin Gaye, Steve Miller Band, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, RZA, and many more. He’s constantly working on keeping his third person references playful, but is also hustling and trying to bring something fresh and of value to the table. To simply put it: he isn’t trying to survive, he’s trying to live to the limit and love it a lot.



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