DJ Pooh, Music Is In My Blood

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Growing up on the road his dad, DJ Hollywood, was constantly touring with Ying Yang Twins, DJ Smurf (Mr. Collipark), Three Six Mafia, Cash Money, etc. Being a known DJ all through the state of Alabama, as well as a part of the Power Ranger Posse, he recently decided to go solo.

Originally from Montgomery Alabama, he was born on September 13, 1992. His mother gave him his nickname Pooh, which later transformed into DJ Pooh. When he was only six years old his father bought him his first turntable because he wanted to do what his father did. DJ Pooh wanted to start rapping when he would listen to instrumentals while messing around with Moe Suave in the studio he had at the time. The two would later form the Power Ranger Posse out of this friendship. With his inspiration and musical style taking roots in 90s Hip Hop, R&B, and Classic Rock, he is anything but ordinary. He has very strong producing skills and great lyrical flow.

Official website:
Twitter: @TheRealDjPooh

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