DJ Get Bizzy, High Energy And Good Vibes


“They callin’ me an underdog but it don’t phase me.”

The Bizzy Life: ambition and the crazy festivities of a 20 year old all packed in a crazy high energy package is what you get whenever you listen to New Jersey’s DJ Get Bizzy. This producer and artist’s music focuses on his philosophy of the “Bizzy Life,” where the topics can range from girls to pop culture to overcoming the obstacles that come from being an independent artist. Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa have heavily influenced Bizzy’s music and inspired DJ Get Bizzy to not only be a producer but to strive to be one of the best producers and artists in Hip-Hop.

On March 31st, 2014 DJ Get Bizzy released his single “Cano.” “Cano” isn’t actually about Robinson Cano but rather the feeling you get after achieving major goals in your career. In the song he talks about how he feels like the rap version of one of the most sought after players in baseball because of the accomplishments in his career, but yet he still aspires for more. Following “Cano” he released “Crazy” which is the first single off the upcoming “Ragerz” EP. “Crazy” is essentially a 3-minute party in a song. DJ Get Bizzy captures the feeling of being young, wild, and free in his EDM trap song. He also proclaims the values of his “Bizzy Life” philosophy in the song by telling the audience to never let others opinions of you to negatively affect your choices and self-confidence.

High energy and good vibes remains the molten core of Bizzy’s work. These themes will be consistent throughout his next project “Ragerz” as well as painting a vivid picture of his crazy antics. As he says in a snippet from a song from the EP: “Don’t ask for her [your girl] back, I don’t do any favors. She at my concert like Babe I’m gonna text you later.”

Learn more about DJ Get Bizzy on his Official Artist Website.

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