DisfunkXion, My Second Coming


DisfunkXion is one of the original MP3.com pioneers and true lyrical underground artists who started with a reggae band in the late 90’s whilst doing local Rap battles for extra cash. After the band broke apart, DisfunkXion became a 1 man group integrating Reggae/Rap/Rock/Punk and a few other genres in individual songs before establishing a unique style. DisfunkXion is a single artist using voice talent to give the feel of an actual Rap group instead of 1 artist. This is what gave the artist his current moniker of DisfunkXion.

DisfunkXion has done multiple shows in the Pacific Northwest as well as earlier 2000’s in his home state of Arizona. From Hempfests to 3 featured articles in NiteLife Magazine to fans all the way in Jerusalem he started to make headway. His name has been mentioned as top runner for lyricists in 2003 and suddenly in early 2006 it all stopped. Life choices caught up with the artist leaving him to unofficially retire from the industry. Now with all legal battles behind him, he’s ready to let the world hear his music once again. Recently he started a Soundcloud account to offer his music to general public for free as he always intended.

Even when his first album dropped in 2001 which was mistitled “Eric Grant aka. D-Funk: Lost In Tha Game,” he paid no mind and gave away the albums for free. Only 1 demo album was released since in early 2005 at Spokane’s Cannabis Liberation Day at the Big Easy opening for KottonMouth Kings and Selassie I Soldier. This was the demo that launched a few articles promoting his talent and skill. It’s been a long time and being an underground artist, most may have forgotten DisfunkXion because of being mislabeled by title and lack of public appearances. Luckily his music was ahead of its time and is now more relevant to today. The future will undoubtedly give us new songs but until then enjoy the old ones that are new once again today.

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