Diesel Beats, Sharing My Music With Everybody


Dee Mack, born February 2, 1985 in Washington, DC, better known as Diesel Beats, is an up and coming hip hop and r&b music producer out of Poughkeepsie, New York. With more than 12 years of writing, composing, and producing music, he is ready to take his craft to the next level. “I have a deep passion and love for creating music and I want to share my music with anybody and everybody who is willing to listen,” states the young ambitious music producer.

Diesel Beats also states that he is currently working on building a music production company and looks forward to creating lots of good music with other up and coming and mainstream artists.

Soundcloud is where you will find his ever growing catalog of music and the best is yet to come. His latest releases include “Go Hard,” “Cali Kush,” and “Platinum Ambition.” Keep your ears tuned to this aspiring producer because one day you’ll be bumping your head to his beats on your local radio station.

Reverbnation: @dieselbeats202
Twitter: @DieselBeats202.


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