Descendent, Journey of A Lost Soul


Currently living in Raleigh, North Carolina, yet born (April 28, 1986) in Newport News, Virginia, Descendent, has made music an important aspect of his life since his childhood. His music can be heard on Power 750 AM, WXDU 88.7 FM, and on And You Don’t Stop and Songs That Mean Something radio shows hosted by Chuck D from Public Enemy on

The style of Descendent’s music is a mix between soulful/boom bap and high energy to reach the people. Artists who have inspired him the most are 2Pac, Public Enemy, Nas, Scarface, Mos Def, Redman, Mobb Deep, Jay-Z, Rakim, Busta Rhymes, and James Brown.

His album entitled “Road to Greatness Journey of A Lost Soul” is available on Bandcamp. To get more information on Descendent’s music, videos, and shows check out make sure you follow him on any social media platforms.



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