Dawgy, A Key Contender In The Hip Hop Arena


Without suffering, there is no glory. Progressive rap artist Dawgy paints that truth with thought provoking lyrics and transcendent metaphors in every bar that he spits. Hailing from Columbus, OH, he used music as the ultimate mental getaway. Raised in the foster care system, moving around made it difficult to make friends and the young poet isolated himself from other children. But he found himself in the beat. After being introduced to DMX in middle school, Dawgy’s conscience was overrun with poetry and rap. He related to the seasoned emcees lyrics, his authentic street aura, and disconnection from his family hit home for the Ohio native.

Dawgy’s hobby erupted into a music addiction as stanzas and bars overflowed from his school books instead of homework. With time he perfected every element of making music, from production to song structure to simply riding the beat. In 2012, he released his first mixtape titled Bombs First, a collection of covers he’d crafted with his crew Y.S.G.G.I. It was his sophomore project, Uptown’s Own, which identified his as one of the best in Ohio hip hop.

Using inquisitive melodies and an emotion infused flow, Dawgy set himself apart from the competition with his latest mixtape 521 Mayday in 2015. Through a release of consumer driven content to the media and a continuous stream of feel good music to his target audience, with two new projects currently dropping, Manifestation and The Kover Up: Nightmares, Dawgy is perfecting his craft more and more. Through originality, he’s sure to stand as a key contender in the hip hop arena by providing a voice to the conscience listener and metaphysical thinkers of the world.

Datpiff: YSohio
Soundcloud: dawgy-871745918

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