Dane Zumana Releases His EP ‘Resplendence’

Dane Zumana’s becoming known in the professional recording and music industry. With sheer focus on his craft, the grinding artist is making an impact with a progressive style unlike no other. The music artist and upcoming entrepreneur is only expected to deliver impressive work from here on out. Dane Zumana’s making all the right decisions and people are listening and watching.

“My love for music is beyond just hearing words. I have perceived my music as an art that nobody else could paint. My inspiration for music itself goes far into the roots of dancehall. I always loved the rhythm of a beat. Each beat creates an image for me and a story. With hip hop it works for me because it’s not all about rapping, but the art and the story behind it,” the Brooklyn, New York artist explains. Dane Zumana’s EP release to date has been a noteworthy marker in his life. It was tedious work h had to undergo to bring his music to life.

Now with the EP completes, he’s shooting a visual for the track “Pain” whose lyrics serve as an introduction into Dane Zumana the artist. He’s striving to garner support from the video to further establish his name. “I desire to reach far in this music industry and to have a major fan base. There is a lot I wish to achieve, but what I really want to achieve is to illustrate the beauty of rap music and the art that only I can paint and describe,” he adds in.

Official website: www.danezumana.bandcamp.com

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