D Pugh, Take Pride In My Performances


Demetrius Pugh, D Pugh, is a hip-artist, model, and actor born in Chicago and around the age of seven moved to Oklahoma City who has been producing, recording, and performing original Hip Hop music since he was in the eighth grade. After graduating from Oklahoma Centennial High School in May of 2008, he decided to acquire a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology from Langston University and is currently pursuing a MBA in Project Management.

D Pugh firmly believes that the music business has turned into 90% business, 5% talent, and 5% pure luck or right-place-right-time. He has performed on numerous stages in various cities including Houston and Atlanta. He prides himself on his level of performance whether in front of a crowd of 5 or 500. He also takes pride in loyalty to family, friends, and fams; that’s right, FAMS. He believes his real fans are more like family.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/theofficialpugh
Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @TheOfficialPugh


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