D.Bonhomme, Divine Apparel Real Kings


Born in El Paso, Texas on August 3, 1993, Deshawn Bonhomme, D.Bonhomme, was in a military family and lived in Germany, Colorado, Florida, and Texas. He started making music in high school with a group called Smash Crew but only completed a few songs before the group disbanded due to not taking the work serious. It wasn’t until D.Bonhomme attended Prairie View A&M University that he’d once again start making music. After entering an open mic and making the crowd feel his bars it was the dawning moment that he felt he can do something special with music.

In 2012 D.Bonhomme released a freestyle mixtape titled Dark on Datpiff and the locals were encouraging him to continue. With the motivation he released his second mixtape titled Haters Clean My Jordans that garnered internet and college radio play. His next mixtape titled D.A.R.K. Chronicles spoke on current topics in the world, especially his city, and the unfair treatment that many have to go through.

Currently, after producers and DJs have taken notice and sent him beats, D.Bonhomme is almost done with D.A.R.K. Chronicles 2. He’s expecting the sequel to be successful since he’s perfected it for release and will be releasing a few music videos to promote it. He also has a collaboration mixtape coming soon. Both projects will be available on Soundcloud and Datpiff. It’s grinding season for D.A.R.K. Ent which stands for Divine Apparel Real Kings.

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