C.T., Beating On Tables At School


C.T. (born Christopher Terry) began his long love affair with music at a very young age. Growing up in Plano, TX around his father’s soul records and vocalist mother gave him a musical base to grow on. In middle and high school he played in orchestra which further expanded his musical horizons. Hip-hop quickly became one of his favorite forms of musical expression, combining the rhythms and lush melodies he loved.

“I used to beat on the tables all the time during lunch in middle school,” explains C.T. “If there was a cypher going on best believe I had the beat, lol. My knuckles hated me though.”

Over time he taught himself the art of production, starting out with tape recorders and simple computer programs. “I kinda learned the bootleg way. I was just layering myself on tape recorders, but that’s how I learned how to put songs together.”

In 2005, shortly after graduating college, he moved to Atlanta where he wrote and produced his first EP “Neon Life” with great success. With “Neon” he took hard hitting drums and otherworldly soundscapes and topped them off with a smooth flow catching the ears of his musical peers.

C.T. was a bit nervous in the beginning as he recalls, “At the time I had never attempted to do a whole joint by myself. What if people thought it was complete trash? Luckily that wasn’t the case.”

This afforded him a chance to collaborate with some then “up and coming” artists such as Sean Faylon, Renee Dion, El Prez, and Gilles all who are making a big splash on the music scene today. His latest effort, “Clear Skies Below,” continues to showcase his evolution and innovation as well as garner critical success from blogs and magazines. Whether C.T. is the artist or producer on a song, you can be sure that he will be a force to be reckoned with. Keep your ears open.

Check out C.T.s’ mixtape Clear Skies Below on Datpiff.

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