Crucial, The Young Hip Hop Mogul

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A student of Hip Hop/Rap music from an extremely young age, Crucial grew up dedicating himself to the art and craft of creating dynamic and versatile rhymes while refining his raw talent into stunning new skills. With confirmation of his incredible ability to connect to the people through his music dating back to as early as twelve years old when he won his first talent show, he has continued to grow, develop, and evolve as an artist and has built upon that moment ever since.

Rising up throughout the scene and gaining a massive reputation for consistently electrifying entertainment, it wasn’t long before Crucial attracted the attention of major record-labels who came calling quickly but he turned them down. Currently based out of Omaha, Nebraska, his music has blown up throughout the scene and turned this young Hip Hop mogul into an all-out identifiable brand putting out hot new tracks through his own label Crucial Entertainment.

Crucial’s drive, determination, and creative impulse never keep the fans waiting long – new music is always right around the corner. The man is on-beat, on-point, and on-track to change the game entirely on his way to becoming one of Hip Hop music’s most innovative voices in our world today with beats that hit you with sharp and memorable impact.

Official website:
Twitter @crucial_now


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