Covenant, Dark Conscious

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Finding the motivation to create music can be as cliché as most or it can be a unique reason. Covenant started making music after a discussion with a longtime friend about doing things to repay their parents who’ve done so much for them. Both come from single parent homes and both made the promise to become successful to care for their respective parent. Both came to the conclusion that hip hop was the avenue they’d pursue. For Covenant, hip hop was not only a way for him to grow as person but a way to find his voice and confidence.

Growing up, Covenant had tons of musical influence in his life in part to his father who was a DJ. The atmosphere exposed the young kid to many different genres of music fostering an appreciation for the sounds of KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, Prince, and Kurt Cobain. That influence has also fueled his career and he’s performed at about 50 venues which he’s booked all by himself. The shows have given him so much experience and led him to be selected as a showcase artist for the Coast 2 Coast Minneapolis Mixtape showcase on March 23, 2016.

Covenant’s upcoming project called Dualsim will be released the day of the showcase and the project touches upon the ups and downs of his life this past year. It also speaks upon the struggle between consciousness and conformity within ourselves and the music industry. He hopes to expand his fan base and make a rise to stardom in Minneapolis from this project.

Facebook: CowboyCodySixShotVaughn
Soundcloud: codyvaughn33

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