Cookie Natari’s Rare Lyrics Cater To The Soul

Cookie Natari is stepping into the music biz with lit beats and lyrics. Add a stunning stage presence, this Missouri based artist’s style is unforgettable and undeniable. Locals dig this fresh style and the best is yet to come. Cookie Natari has a gusto about her work that goes unmatched to others. It’s that enthusiasm that’s the deciding factor for her eventual success.

Born in St. Louis and Raised in Jefferson City, MO, this artist has been writing songs since 2003 and has developed a reputation by creating songs that have unique styles and lyrics that never sound the same. Cookie Natari explains, “I am versatile musically and able to write for all genres of music. I am known for having rare lyrics that cater to the soul, and a remarkable gift for creativity that has often been felt by the audience. I am a songwriter, song producer, lyricists, rapper, and singer for all genres who literally can do it all.”

Cookie Natari’s currently working on an EP called Speed Limit 30 with several producers from across the states. The EP will introduce many concepts that deal with the mind and soul; you’ll be able to witness just how diverse and original she is. I literally have many sounds and styles of delivering lyrics through creativity. Aside from her EP, she’s also dropping a music video for her pop/hip hop single titled “Mind” and will performing at the Midwest Tour in Kansas City in September.

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