Conflict, American Pharaoh


Thomas Pascariello, Conflict, is an independent artist out of Albany, New York who started rapping as a way to talk about life issues, struggles, and experiences as an adolescent at the age of 13. Growing up lower class he turned to the streets to help provide for himself and his family. Music became an outlet that was used often and realized it was something he could pursue. Heavily influenced by 90’s Hip Hop, Conflict’s Rap style features a rugged sound that reflects the personality in which he has.

Appearing on platforms such as Hot 99.1’s Freestyle Fridays hosted by Tanch, The Talk Music Show in Brooklyn, performance in Tunisia, and numerous shows throughout the United States Conflict hopes to strengthen his fan base and have continued success in the music industry. Most recently he has dropped his mixtape “American Pharaoh” on June 24th which can be purchased on PayPal. Conflict is now working on his album which he plans to entitle “Reach New Heights.”

Number One:

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