CMF, Crack Music Family


A conglomerate of emcees from New Jersey and Chicago, CMF’s (Crack Music Family) roster is individually diverse offering style, personality, and lyricism. When asked why these emcees are known as the Crack Music Family, founder Sean Williams (BlackMyth) stated, “Crack cocaine is one of the most powerful and addictive drugs out there and that is what our music is: powerful and addictive.”

K-Rock, TripszSeason, Fetti Guapo, BlackMyth, Chiraq, and Krank are just a few of the prominent emcees who make up the family. With raw lyrics, each artist raps about the life they lived and the life they’ve always known. Each emcee has overcome trials and tribulations only to find salvation through each other and music.

Official website:
Twitter: @cmfdat


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