Clayt, Mutant Family


Clayt is a Virginia native who grew up in downtown Newport News, an area known mostly for its crime and low-income households. Despite this environment, Clayt still managed to gain an extraordinary sense of ambition from playing basketball; his one true passion during his youth. A future in sports seemed promising, but after suffering a traumatic injury early on in high school Clayt began to focus on a new outlet of expression instead: the art of rhyme.

His older brother Clifton, aspiring entertainer himself, played a major role in nurturing this interest. Clifton always encouraged Clayt to stick with the hobby of recording and that hobby eventually grew into a passion, an obsession even. Years later Clayt has evolved into the undeniable emcee and producer that he is today. His clever lyricism and fresh song concepts pay homage to the golden age of the genre, while his charismatic delivery and flow easily give him the mainstream appeal of a major artist.

Through this unique artistry and the establishment of the Mutant Family brand, Clayt encourages everyone to embrace individual differences and appreciate art in all forms.

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