Circle Clique, A Futuristic Vision

Who is heroTwin

Circle Clique, Inc was founded in 2008 by Sam & Eman Smith, heroTwin, with a futuristic vision that will change the industry forever. Circle Clique, Inc has made it their responsibility to showcase local talent by hosting their non-violent Hip Hop shows performing for and with artists ranging from M80, Gucci Mane, Layzie Bone, and to some of Florida’s favorite local artists.

This is the team of entrepreneurs with their heads, hearts, and souls in the game determined to achieve greatness. The Circle keeps growing with artists like Yung Prezz, Boriqua, BC The Pharaoh, producer MidiBros, and Deep Thoughts helping the wheel turn. Stay in the 360 loop.

Official website:
Twitter: @heroTwin
Facebook: @heroTwin
YouTube: @Badog187cc
Reverbnation: @heroTwin


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