ChristianLuke, Finding My True Calling


ChristianLuke has been musical his entire life having been exposed to the arts at an early age by his mom, a modern dancer, and his father, an abstract artist. ChristianLuke dabbled in a variety of different instruments before settling on guitar. Spiritually driven, ChristianLuke’s in the best place he’s ever been in his career and can’t wait to share it with the world and make people feel good with music.

In high school ChristianLuke joined a band called Four Kings. The band quickly blew up and began playing shows all around San Diego and beyond (most notably Whiskey A Go Go) giving him years of experience playing live shows and being in the spotlight. After the band parted ways, he started boxing full time and lost touch with his first love of music until a friend who was in a previous band bought him a ticket to Coachella. ChristianLukewas so inspired that it brought him back to music.

The following year he was enrolled full time at the Musicians Institute of Contemporary Music in Hollywood. While there he found out guitar wasn’t his number one passion. After a couple of semesters in their Independent Artist program ChristianLuke found his true calling in songwriting and producing. He can remember listening to Clams Casino’s “I’m God” and knowing that was what he wanted to do. ChristianLuke began working on his craft and started a group called Tiger and The Teller which ultimately led him to a solo career now called ChristianLuke.

Visit ChristianLuke on his Official Facebook Page to learn more about his music.

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