Chris Van Dyke’s Music Is Not Sugar Coated


When it comes to being musically inclined, Chris Van Dyke’s becoming a known presence in the music business and is making a name for himself. From innovative and vanguard lyrics to impactful performances and styles, the music’s speaking for itself and people are listening. Don’t sleep on Chris Van Dyke because the musician might just have something re­­ady for release that’s purely unexpected.

­The hip hop recording artist from the east side of Detroit, MI simply put is a self-motivated guy that makes music for people that can relate to him and his daily obstacles. “I’m an artist that you would consider personal meaning I’m giving you exactly how I feel, no sugar coating; good or bad,” Chris points out. Nothing but pure blessings have come from him and Mic Higans Management who are excited to be featuring right here on Rude Boy Magazine. “I love what Rude Boy stands for and the lifestyle it’s promoting,” he adds in.

Currently Chris’ album Van Dyke is available now on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon, and his next solo project 40 Ounces will be out sometime in 2017. With most of the material done, he’s just working on the finishing touches. “From this point in my career my biggest goal is to become one of the top discussion topics. I want my name Chris Van Dyke to be among the heavy hitter debates,” he mentions.

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