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Infusing elements of Country and Hard Rock has produced a sound that is not only uniquely Chris Ising, but also recognizably his own. Add to that Chris’ recognizable voice and you have an artist that stands out on the airwaves. Chris hails from Winnipeg, Canada where the winters are long and as a teenager you are either out in the bone chilling cold playing hockey or in the basement with a guitar in hand. Since the age of seven music has played an immense role in his life and as a teenager he could be found playing bass and taking on vocals jamming to Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Rush, and Living Color. During his university years Chris started his walk down the song writing path finding a love for Country music and taken by the genre’s multitude of emotions.

In 2005 Chris signed his first publishing contract and saw this song head into the studio with a band out of Fort Rucker, Alabama. Songwriting for other artists was still a side project until hit maker Jeffrey Steele invited him to Nashville as one of only twelve to take part in a songwriting boot camp. The experience not only taught Chris how the music business operated behind the scenes, but also made him realize that songwriter was his profession. Following this experience, he has had several songs picked up by indie artists from Canada to the United States to Belgium with a few of these released to radio.

In 2015 Chris released his debut CD Serenity. From the rock influenced I’m From The Country, the Kris Kristofferson influenced Half a Blue, and the 70’s southern Rock sounds of Have Another Beer, Chris Ising’s songs are filled with memorable melodies and catchy hooks. Chris’ And When I’m Dead hit #1 on indie radio and his debut single I’m From The Country has charted in the top 10 on several stations worldwide.

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