C.P. (Chocolate Pleasure), A Setback Is Only A Stepping Stone


There is no doubt music is Charles Caldwell’s, C.P. (Chocolate Pleasure), salvation as it’s been woven into the fabric of his life enhancing, lifting, and giving him purpose; most importantly enabling him to give a voice to experiences we all can share. As one of the highest paid child models, his short career came crashing to a halt at the age of 6 when he suffered 3rd degree burns over 85% of his body shattering his dreams. Not letting the blisters burst his bubble, his craving for self-expression was strong and his passion for music emerged from its hiding place. “Growing up my mother would play all types of genres of music and I would go around singing and imitating the artists. My connection to music was definitely brought into my life from the experiences of my childhood years and I’m thankful for it,” recalls C.P.

Harlem born and Bronx raised, C.P. attended Harbor School of Performing Arts on a singing scholarship and it’s where he began to cultivate strong vocal abilities and began to write poetry. As a member of the school choir he had the opportunity to perform across the tri-state area as well as on a 10 city tour in Italy. As he matured as a teenager his family moved to Eastchester, New York where he faced racism and prejudice in high school triggering anger. Instead of lashing outward he pushed that energy toward his writing and music keeping him in balance. He graduated high school and began a new chapter in his life when he was accepted to St. John’s University in Queens.

It was during C.P.’s freshmen year at St. John’s that he met Dwayne “Deacon” Jackson and a friendship developed leading to performances at local showcases. In 2002 the duo formed One of A Kind infusing R&B and Hip Hop evoking emotion filled songs that makes listeners take a pause. With a clear understanding that music needs to evolve to be unique and be a seamless blend of genres in order to stand out, they welcomed Leon “Big Lee” Harris in 2006. This lyrical commander completed the One of A Kind sound making them a contemporary group that delivers a solid music experience.

Official website: www.iamooak.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/chocolatep
Facebook: www.facebook.com/iamooakcp
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ccaldwel1
Instagram: www.instagram.com/cp_caldwell
YouTube: www.youtube.com/chachidaone1


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