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“Everybody around me was in a gang so I really didn’t have too many options to choose from, so I chose to do music. I took what I saw around me and put it on paper.”

In a time when the music industry is more focused on brand and style, and an odd balance of overnight success, it seems that a big part of what’s missing is longevity and diverse originality. Chi City is an artist who stands true to the meaning of “be yourself and don’t be afraid to be different.” Born and raised in the well-known south side of Chicago, Chi City was destined to become one of the leaders in today’s new found Hip Hop generation. Growing up in Chicago’s infamous gang culture, Chi City has the street credibility to appeal to anyone in any hood, in any city, and the lyrical substance to attract the hardest of “Hip Hop heads.”

Match those qualities with industry knowledge and a business savvy attitude and you have an artist who can also solicit the mainstream pop culture by producing familiar-commercial tunes, as well as gritty street inspired anthems. The ambitious entrepreneur started his own recording studio at the age of sixteen and started earning money by recording local artists as way to avoid the street life and keep the level of unlawful activity to minimum. From touring and collaborating with various artists (Rockie Fresh, G-Eazy, Corey Gunz, Lil Debbie, and Caskey) to performing at events such as SXSW and A3C, it’s without a doubt that the harsh reality of what Chi City has faced was not enough to steer this entrepreneur away from his goals and dreams.

Over the years, Chi City has gathered skill as a songwriter taking his influences, such as Jay Z and Kanye West, and using them to shape his own style. Today his penmanship has secured him record placements with several of today’s top artists and is continuously growing his catalog. His music illustrates how he persevered through unfortunate events in his past and uses the knowledge he gained as a child to stay motivated and continue perfecting his craft. With so much to look forward too, Chi City continues to grow beyond his reach and with the influence of those around him, you can only assume that his work is far from over and you can expect a lot of great things to come from the young emcee.

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