CheZZa, IceBurgh Society Entertainment


Coming straight out of never touched Nickel City, Sudbury, Ontario, comes CheZZa who’s putting his own stamp in the Hip Hop world. Growing up as a Jamaican child in a town not known for its diversity, he takes everything he has learned and lived through and puts it into his music so that you can experience everything he has gone through in his life.

With the formation of IceBurgh Society Entertainment, CheZZa has grown within himself as well. As a member of Blaq Roche he helped find his voice that brought about a new change to his music and to the way he views the world. He went from making music to please the masses to now making music to heal the masses and become the newest voice for the voiceless and the new head to the headless. IceBurgh Society Entertainment is a reflection of this change and it is only the beginning.

From his days of opening for Hip Hop groups such as D-Sisive, ONYX, Merkules, Snak the Ripper, JD Era, and Rich Kidd he has begun to separate himself from the constraints of the Hip Hop genre so that he can become what he feels is needed in the world and in our society. Stay tuned for the newest wave of CheZZa and open your mind and ears to the true new world order which will be led by CheZZa and the IceBurgh Society.

Official website:!chezza/c1rki


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