Champ, Pre-Season

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Dierakeen Thomas [b. October 23rd, 1990] aka Champ is an aspiring hip-hop artist and producer from Washington, D.C., currently residing in Atlanta.

In fall of 2011 he signed with Crucified Entertainment. Champ released a single with feature video, ‘Creeping Through Your Window.’ Minor setbacks, personally and business wise, hindered Champ from releasing a full length project.

Present time finds Champ poised and ready to leave his mark. Recently he released ‘Pre-Season’ on Sept 19, 2014. It’s a collection of five incredible songs with the lead singles: ‘Promise’ and ‘Addiction Intervention.’

Combining clever wordplay, outlandish imagery, a twisted sense of humor, and reflective commentaries into a distinctive-cutting style sets Champ apart from the norm. Paired with intense-earnest delivery and a unique sound owing to his wide array of influences, from Eminem to Tupac to Linkin Park. Champ is here!

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Audiomack: CHAMP – Pre Season – Download and Stream

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