Chaisson, Aiming To Be Different

2015-11-12 21.01.28

Lyrics, flow, and delivery are the words that define a musician. Born and raised in Sin City and now living in the midst of the Bible belt. Chaisson, also recognized as Chaisson Dreams, is a 24 year old musician sick of living in the same conditions and is striving to change positions and make a killing ripping stages and aiming to be different. With mixtures of simple and complex rhyme schemes, his lyrics blend a combination of truth, passion, punchlines and metaphors, creativity, and an uncanny ability to keep you listening.

Chaisson’s not your typical cliché rapper, he’s an artist who’s spent a decade studying his favorites from all genres and has formed a unique sound. He has a mesmerizing flow to match any kind of beat and a delivery that can make listeners feel the music rather than just hear it.

He’s currently working on his first album and a mixtape. There’s much to expect from this upcoming artist. To hold you over until his work is released, let your ear drums lead the way as you listen to his Reverbnation playlist.

Reverbnation: ChaissonDreams
Facebook: ChaissonDreams

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