C.G., Million Wayz


Born and raised in a small town of Anniston, Alabama, C.G. fell in love with music at a very young age and started performing by the age of four. At 12 he signed with Swinghop Records and all his momentum was brought to a screeching halt when he was shot and left fighting for his life at 16. Refusing to be left paralyzed, physically and mentally, he learned to walk again and bounced right back up and graduated from high school. By the time he was 20 he had his own label with 9 artists, has worked with both indie and major acts, has toured, and most importantly has established himself as an artist in the south.

The future is now for C.G. who continues to release good music and will be releasing projects over the course of the year. His 3 singles are also in heavy rotation and both of his Vimeo videos have gained over 1 million views. Knowing that he must keep his presence known in the public, C.G. strives to stay booked each month and is back at it with Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes doing a 20 city tour.

Hitting close to home, C.G. will be keeping an eye out for close friend, Ko Kane Barclay, who was recently gunned down in his own yard on a hate crime last month. May all our prayer be with both of them.

Official Website: vibedeck.com/c-g-hilltoprecords-n-f-o
iTunes: Million Wayz (feat. 2piece & Bham J)
Facebook: Chandler Gray
Twitter: @chandlerg60
Soundcloud: Chandler Gray

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