Ceaser Loco, Formidable Emcee


Born in March of 1987, Joshua Pittman (Ceaser Loco) has always had a deep love for music. During the cassette tape players era, he and his cousins would buy blank tapes and record over their parents tapes on karaoke machines. Over the years, he grew into a formidable emcee; something he takes pride in – Not just making a song, but making a crowd fall in love with it. Never one to follow what he was told and not being as he calls it “the school type,” he would skip school to hang out with his older friends and rap for them.

In 2002, Ceaser suffered a life changing moment. In August of that year his mother passed. From 2002 to 2009 he did what he describes as nefarious deeds that landed him in multiple legal situations. Through all the trials and tribulations, jobs, dead ends, jails, and deaths he has emerged with the charisma and edge of someone who knows what he wants in life and wont take no for and answer. A writer, rapper, the owner of The Association Music Group, a consultant, and owner of The Association Model Group. There will definitely be more to come.

Follow Ceaser Loco on his Twitter @CeaserLoco.

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