CBall Coleone Is Building A Brand

What makes CBall Coleone a remarkable artist is how he presents himself. From his delivery on tracks to his command on stage, his time is coming up. The potential for global reach is nearby and each day puts him closer. CBall Coleone is expected to release top notch music that will engrave his name into the culture of hip hop.

This artist was born in Illinois, but mastered his craft in Minneapolis, MN. He recalls, “Me and my God brother Murda used to record over cassette tapes and play them for our friends and the community members at the park centers. This when I knew I wanted to take it serious.” CBall Coleone started recording in 2001 and put out music on Myspace. Since then he’s be all about his music and found himself with Racc Cha$$ir Entertainment. Now his album Cash Before All is his first official body of work.

Moving forward CBall Coleone has a series of mixtapes in the works under the title O.M.G., the series will have three volumes. His second album which will be titled All Ball will have many more features. Videos are also expected from his current release with his partner Moe Skesus as Asquared Vision and Kapital. Together they will build a brand and promote other artists as well.

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