Cayenne the Lion King, Raw Spontaneity


Cayenne the Lion King derived his name from the spice cayenne pepper because anything it touches it enhances, a lion because of its heart, and a king to represent royalty. Born in Atlanta, Georgia his love of music began with his father Willie Lemons Jr. (who opened up for such greats as Otis Redding) and his grandfather, Willie Lemons, who was a ghostwriter for Atlantic Records (1963 – 1969). At the age of 17 (1989) Cayenne relocated to Durham, North Carolina and a year later formed the hip-hop group Da Phunke Bushman that went on to perform at the legendary Apollo Theater in New York (1992). On the group’s first compilation hip-hop album, “Jaffilation,” Cayenne penned his first reggae single titled “Spoonful of Youth.”

From 1994 – 96 Cayenne’s notoriety grew as a solo artist performing at well-known night clubs and festivals, additionally he was also chosen to perform at shows with a variety of artists from hip-hop to reggae. In 1996 he surfaced as the hottest reggae DJ/Selecta in North Carolina on the campus of North Carolina Central University’s WNCU 90.7 FM radio station for 11 years. He was also one of the top promoters with his movement he founded in 1990 called Black Lion Sound. While developing and perfecting his skills as a promoter and businessman, he established some of the hottest night clubs in the Triangle Area. Cayenne subsequently released his independent singles and videos for “Toss Ya Drinkz Up” and “Shake Your Cowbell.”

Following the singles, Cayenne put out his underground hip-hop freestyle mixtapes called “Firewater” while working with his longtime friend, gold and platinum record producer and engineer King James II. Cayenne is still exciting his fans with raw spontaneity and an authentic love for roots and culture influencing life and lyrics such as touring in the states with Anthony Leonard Pierre and legendary lrumpeter Bobby Ellis. He’s currently returning to the underground scene by working on two albums, “Warrior Music” and “The Voice.” Cayenne is presently on the Insomniac Tour on the East and West Coast.

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