Casseau Valentine, Maul Gang Most Def Mafia

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Casseau Valentine is representing music alliance Maul Gang Most Def Mafia (M.D.M.)/T.R.A. and is a writer/lyricist, performer, and producer from Detroit, Michigan. M.D.M. is not the type to gas you up and tell you they’re the best, they just like to let their work speak for itself. They do it for the people of course, but above all, they do it because it’s what they want to do.

The alliance likes to experiment and they’re constantly figuring out new ways to take things to the next level. The music’s like mellow-grunge. Mostly hip hop with a little bit of everything incorporated, but more than that it’s way of life.

With that being said M.D.M.’s got some good stuff for you guys. They’d like to shout out to Rude Boy for making this possible and much love coming from Casseau Valentine, D-Max, Andrew The Great-Cartoon, Jay Glory, Waterwolf, Spooney SP, and That One Guy CJ. Also be on the lookout for Casseau Valentine’s new mixtape, Island In The Sky, dropping on March 5, 2016.

Facebook: @casseauvalentine
Soundcloud: @vincent-valentine-2


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