Cash Mobb Unite

Rude Boy Magazine

Formed in 2013, by Derick Stokes (S.T.OH Tha Kidd) and Mark Dixon (Young Cap), Cash Mobb has been nothing short of amazing in this ongoing year and shows no signs of slowing down. The duo hail from small town Warren, OH, where there are not many outlets or avenues for music, meaning that if they wanted it to happen they would have to make it happen themselves. With nothing but a prayer and dream, the duo hit the ground running taking the internet by storm, building more and buzz for themselves, and collecting a few new members along the way (M80, J-Fire, and Cue, Jonze). With S.T.OH and Young Cap heading the movement, the group has gone from noting to something in no time flat collecting numerous features in magazines such as WWS Magazine, BAUS Daily, and Mr. Dreamz Magazine. Their new found success has also brought them in contact with some of hip hop’s best up and coming producers such as J Staffz who is a producer for Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, and G-Unit, as well as M Stacks who is a producer for MGK, Juicy J, Bun B, Mac Miller, and more.

As the group’s following continues to expand as does their brand, ultimately opening up more and more avenues and outlets for them to build and create. The group credits most of their success to their versatility. “Having five different rappers with five different rap styles makes it’s much more easy to stand out and be heard because we all bring something different to the table,” says S.T.OH Tha Kidd. “We all do music together and separately, doing so bringing our own personal fans, as well as the fans of us as a group. All together making our success five times as massive.” Only time can tell the true fate of this dynamic super group, but as far as we can tell, this is only the beginning.

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