Cango, Black and White


Cango, 30, is an artist born and raised from Stuttgrat, Germany on January 15, 1985 and is a father of two – a boy and a girl. Poetry was his first love so he began writing at a young age to escape poverty and ridicule. With all the trials tribulations in his life, even fighting off drug addiction, Cango still creates timeless stories that will put you in the front seat of the time and place of events and bring out emotions from every song he puts together.

Cango is a compelling story teller with a lot to say and also has been on radio station 104.3 FM in El Paso, Texas numerous times. He has gained a lot of respect from his hometown with two of his hit singles, Goin’ In and Feel Alright, produced by Top Notch Tracks. Both songs describe his struggle which is basically like watching a motion picture.

Cango, which means Can-go, is a musical movement for the people; it’s golden era Hip Hop mixed with new generation lyrics that will put you on the edge. His Black and White preview album is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Amamzon.



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