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R&B crooner and Brooklyn native Cameen is no stranger to music. As a child he spent time with his cousin, bass jazz musician William Allen, where he found his vocal gift. He attended St. John’s University Of Queens, NY. However, due to an untimely gunshot wound he would returned to NH where he received his bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Sociology from Rivier University. Upon graduating he created an upstart businesses called CKC Entertainment Group, LLC. He then decided to redirect his passion to his first love, music.

In 2010 he began writing his own music and birthed the self-titled EP “Cameen.” And experimental stage as he calls it. This then lead to his sophomore EP entitled “Luv-Joy” which was released in August 2011. “Luv-Joy” clearly depicts Cameen’s life-long connection to R&B and urban Jazz. Two of the albums most notable singles are “Play and “Get It On.”

In 2012 Cameen released the EP entitled “The Next Level.” It included two noteworthy radio singles: “Do You Wanna,” and “My Wisdom.” According to J.N from G.A.B Magazine, “Cameen takes you there with his vocals and his lyrical depiction of a woman in “My Wisdom.” He then offers a hot intimate appeal to a lady in “Do You Wanna.”

In 2013 Cameen releases the summer single “Cash,” an explosive combination of R&B-Hip-Hop with a Caribbean vibe. It was thought to be the artist’s break out single until talk of his full album “Good To You” came about.

Now in 2014 Cameen is back with his first full album entitled “Good To You.” His versatile melodic R&B, Hip-Hop/House, style of music is both celebrated in the club and accepted in the bedroom on this album. One listen and you’ll understand why he’s able to attract listeners from multiple demographics. Cameen is set to embark upon a promotional tour which starts in Miami during the World Music Conference (March 26 – 30th) and moves to Boston, RI, CT, and NY.

For immediate release

October, 2014

Cameen signs on to the “Power Of Love” tour which kicks off in Los Angeles Nov 15th and moves to China then Australia. He also returns with a hot new single for the NBA season and New Years Eve titled “The Count Down.” This song is destined to be the anthem for not only Basketball and The New Years Eve ball drop, but for a plethora of other sports and events. It’s a must listen for DJs who love a groovy, hip-hop style, track that has plenty of energy and a strong vocal presence. Listeners and party-goers alike will be out of their seats and bumping their heads! It’s set to be officially released October 28th for NBA opening day!

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